Surface detail from subBlue on Vimeo.

A myriad of details in an evolving fractal landscape.

I’m currently working on a WebGL 3D fractal renderer that will let you explore structures like this in real time… stay tuned!

Update: The soundtrack is an original piece I made for the video. I’ve put it up on soundcloud:

Fiskars Fuser’s Manual - Day 3 from DamaskLove on Vimeo.

Day 3 of the Fiskars Fuser’s Manual Series is all about letterpress! Watch to see demonstrations of how easy it is to use this machine for at-home letterpressing! Then join me at and search for Fiskars Fuse to see projects and ideas for bringing your letterpress to life.


Jean Giraud (1938-2012) was a French artist who was, and is, famous under the pseudonym Moebius. He created fantasy comics in a wildly imaginative style, sort of like Hergé set free, the most famous of which are Arzach, The Airtight Garage and The Incal. My first contact was a series of trading cards published in 1993. I’ve been enamored and dazzled by his art ever since.



A small sample of the amazing artwork of Jean “Moebius” Giraud


(Source: phylacterystashbox)


                                 Digigraphie pour Hermès

  • La célèbre maison Hermès a demandé à Moebius d’illustrer le dossier de presse de luxe, offert aux journalistes, pour la sortie du parfum « Voyage ». Huit magnifiques illustrations dont 5 sont éditées par Moebius Productions.
  • Le tirage digigraphique est un procédé numérique exceptionnel utilisant des encres pigmentées, garanties pour leurs conservations et leurs tenues à la lumière, sur papier d’art au PH neutre. Les tirages portent en bas à droite l’emprunte en relief de la signature de Moebius agrémenté d’une marque d’itentification collée et du procédé technique. Ils sont accompagnées d’un certificat.


Havening Introduction from Havening on Vimeo.

An Introduction to The Havening Techniques - A New Way of Healing

illuminated dissolution from casey curran on Vimeo.

Created as part of an ongoing series focusing on the psychological relationships we project into nature and their subsequent phenomena.

The White Series (biosphere) from casey curran on Vimeo.

11 kinetic sculptures created around the idea of cultural detritus acting as a spring board for micro ecologies.

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